About Us

Innovation is the key to success in every market. That is the reason why the unique and exclusive templates is the secret of our successful journey in the market. Flicks Bootstrap has been founded to bridge the supply and demand gap of Bootstrap based innovative and responsive templates. And with the present goodwill that we have in the market, we can say that, Yes, we have succeeded in the same.

Our Background

Flicks Bootstrap had a humble beginning when it assembled a group of aspiring professionals who wanted to achieve innovation in the field of best designing and development process services.

Their perseverance and dedication in the application of the latest and groundbreaking themes and templates quickly transformed Flicks Bootstrap into a powerhouse of original and customized Bootstrap.

Our Mission

To be the pioneers in the field of Bootstrap themes and templates. We strive to provide our customers what they are actually looking for, and sometimes even better!

Our Values

No company can exist in a long run without its ethics and values. The following are our core values that we always emphasize while laying hands upon each and every project.

  • Excellent Quality: We generate superior themes via an extensive and rigorous review process. Above standard  and error free themes are our USP in the market.
  • Professional Support: Customer support is accessible to all our customers 24×7. It is fully assured that you will get a reply from our center within 24 hours.
  • Giving Back to Community: Flicks Bootstrap would have never existed without our remarkable community of buyers and sellers. Our goal remains to offer additional values to our community members each and every time.

Our Team

Many people say, Flicks Bootstrap employes robots to attain perfect results. But that is nowhere near the truth! The strings are pulled by some of the most respected and passionate professionals in the market.