Privacy Policy

Reliable privacy policies are among the few pillars on which business commitments are cemented by both the parties. That is the reason why at Flicks Bootstrap, we believe in setting up the new standards of customer privacy protection with the betterment of our relationship each and every day.

After reading and accepting this privacy policy, it will be regarded that you expressly agree to the use and disclosure of your personal details in the manner mentioned below. We have firm faith in our judicial system and always intend to work within its boundaries. That is the reason why it is fully assured that you won’t find any clause in our privacy policy that may obstruct or forfeit your right as a customer while availing our business solutions.

The information We Gather

Non personal information

As a visitor of our website, we reserve the right to automatically track certain behavioral traits of yours with the help of cookies and some other credible devices. The information gathered is only used with the purpose of surveying the interests, demographies and behavior and choice of our members. The information that we acquire for this limited use may include the IP address, the URL and the browser through which you have made an access to our website.

Personal information

The central objective of collecting the personal details is to make your experience as a user of our website smoother, efficient and flawless. We can even enrich customized experiences for our users on the basis of our gathered data.

It is noteworthy that at Flicks Bootstrap, we limit our information gathering process to those details that are necessary to use our services.  These personal details may incorporate (but not limited to) the first and the last name of the user, the residential mailing address, email address, postal (or zip) code, the financial details, as well as the other kinds of personal details that are mandatory to submit as per the legal clause.

Please note that according to our strict and user friendly privacy policy, we NEVER rent or sell any of the user identification information to the third party. It doesn’t matter if they are our affiliates or not, we never share the user information with anyone, anyhow.

It is true that the laws safeguarding the interests of the customers tend to vary from one country to another. But we always implement the standard protocols of the user privacy and never share the details of our customers with the unauthorized sources. We are committed to provide the most secured environment to our clients, so that they can confirm their deals with us each and every time with complete peace of mind.

Employing Your Given Information

We employ your allotted information in order to dispatch newsletters and various other promotional/ offer based emails that may turn out to be valuable for you. Whenever we launch an offer or policy, our prime motive remains to spread the benefit by involving maximum members of our clientele. But as a user, you shall be entertained with every right to unsubscribe the newsletter anytime as per your discretion or priority.

Special Cases of Information Disclosure

As a responsible, professional company safeguarding the interests of its clients, Flicks Bootstrap will enforce all the regulations that could safeguard your personal details. But in some of the exceptional cases, it will become obligatory for us to reveal the personal details of our customer. Such cases include the investigation of the government bodies or the local/ central law enforcement agencies.

Data Security Policies

At Flicks Bootstrap, we enforce diverse security measures in order  to prevent the loss or theft of the data through an unauthorized access. We employ special pass codes for all the members inside and outside the organization with the authority to access the user data at different levels. But nevertheless, no company can ever offer 100% security against online theft or hacking.


We reserve every right to bring changes to this privacy policy time after time in order to offer better service and satisfaction to our esteemed users. Such changes can be made on this page without prior notification via any source. That it is the reason why it is advisable to frequently visit this page in order to stay updated with the latest guidelines.