Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions issued here are not merely the liabilities or commitment, but a strong and trustworthy bond on which our relationships are formed with our clients.

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    Your ownership of the authorized purchased content is limited to the concerned single copy for which the payment has been made. You will use the content for personal, non-commercial purpose only and respect our copyright in every sense. The products procured through premium licenses will remain exclusive to it.

  • User Details: In order to authorize you to use our website, we reserve the right to ask you about personal identifiable details. We prefer to maintain high standards in order to safeguard the details submitted by our users. To know more, please visit our Privacy Policy
  • No liability to Third Party Content: In order to deliver more information, we may redirect you to the third party website, which may or may not be affiliated with us. We do not endorse them anyhow, and are not accountable for any sort of undesired content on their site.
  • Indemnity Against Liability: By accessing this website, you simply agree to the fact that you intend to keep Flicks Bootstrap and all its affiliates, parent, subsidiaries, licensors, suppliers and the related companies, along with the managing directors, staff members, company representatives, and contractors, immune to the liabilities, accusations, damages, fees and all kinds of expenditures (including accounting and legal) that arises due to any conflict of interest or loss in business.
  • Ruling Out Warranties: Please note that Flicks Bootstrap takes utmost care of the admin content, user content and the third party content available on the related websites. But there are no warranties (express or implied) regarding the genuineness of the website content. Any sort of inaccuracy shall remain exclusive of legal liabilities. It is advisable for the user to imply his or her own judgment and consult the company representatives before taking any action relying on the information provided on the website. We shall not be responsible under any circumstances, if undesired consequences appear due to one such user action.
  • Notifications: Flicks Bootstrap may send you news updates, notifications and messages through email. The newsletter services are also readily available anytime, that you may subscribe as per your convenience.
  • Refund Policy: The claims associated with the refund policy shall be only entertained, if the provided product(s) appears to be defective, substandard or not as per the details specified on the product page. Our support team reserves every right to investigate the nature of the dealt product and reach onto the verdict whether the concerned product is defective or not. Due to the features of the digital goods, it is not feasible to proceed with the refunds, until and unless it has been proven by our support team that the goods contain some serious defects that may hamper the personal/ business interests of our clients.
  • Local Jurisdiction Law: We always intend to go for long-term relationship with our clients. But due to any sort of disagreement, a situation of controversy, claim or dispute may arise between the first and the second party. We hereby declare that under one such circumstances, all the judicial proceedings will take place in the local court (or specialized legal/ governing body) situated within the region where the registered corporate office of Flicks Bootstrap is physically located.
  • Subject to Change: Please note that all the above mentioned terms and conditions can be updated and altered without prior notification by any means. Flicks Bootstrap reserves the right to enforce the new policies immediately with effect from the date on which they are posted on the website. We may make reasonable attempts to notify you about the changes via email or any other means, but cannot be committed to do the same.