The Real Concept of Using Responsive 12-Column Grid System

The Real Concept of Using Responsive 12-Column Grid System

It is a matter of fact that responsive 12-column grid system is widely popular among the Bootstrap theme developers. If we talk from the viewpoint of the standard Bootstrap grid system, then we will find that it also utilizes 12 columns.

Most of the individuals tend to wonder why the value of 12 matters so much in the process of creating responsive template. Well, if you are also among them, then this piece of writing is rightly meant for you. The reason behind implementing 12-column grid is very simple! While talking from the mathematical version of understanding, 12 is basically ‘superior highly composite number’. The meaning is that it can be divided into 2,3,4 as well as 6. It makes the process of page layout really very convenient.

It is not merely because of the convenience and the seamless approach of the layout designing that makes responsive 12-column grid system an all time favorite. It is also due to the grid’s compatibility that it has been universally included in Bootstrap. As the grid system features 12 columns, hence it can be appropriately scaled according to the size of the device on which the template is being viewed. It doesn’t matter whether you are viewing the layout over the mobile device or a widescreen desktop, the large scale columns simply make the overall design compact in itself with precise and sharp visibility.

While creating a good website template, the divisibility rule of the mathematics comes into play to a remarkable extent. It is worth to note that 12 is a number that does not leave any reminder when divided by the digits like 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12. That is the reason why, if you wish to achieve the perfect layout, then as a theme designer, you will have multiple combinations under your belt.

A responsive 12-column grid system offers more flexibility in terms of the design. If you wish to code a cluster of smaller pieces within a row for the big screens, then it could simply bifurcate everything into 12 pieces and render more flexibility to design and the coding process. The trend of making responsive, dynamic business websites tends to observe change on a periodic basis. That is the reason why the application of the responsive 12-column grid can easily fulfill the most demanding needs of the client, including the requirement of multiple columns in a single row.

As mentioned earlier, Bootstrap template has been created on responsive 12-column grids, components and layouts. It doesn’t matter whether your priority is a responsive or a fixed grid, you can get what you are looking for with a matter of a few changes. Both nesting and offsetting of the columns can be easily done in both fluid width and fixed layouts. The grid also supports the feature of hiding the block of content according to the screen size of the device on which it appears. With the help of it you can make certain elements on the website visible to the desktop users only and create similar classes for the Smartphone and tablet users.